My name is Michael. I'm just a guy who likes photography, cars, computers, and friends. Yeah, I'm eighteen and drive a 1988 Porsche 924S that I bought on my own when I was fifteen for $800 and restored, but I just have a random life.

My sister needs to quit drinking. She’s not a good drunk. And it’s just in her best intrest, I don’t want to get the same phone call my dad got last summer when I’m in my 40s about my sister. She’d be much happier with less drama.

My brother told me I could have a dollar to buy a sandwich. Said he only had $5….so he spent $5 on his on food and THEN said oops.

I can’t sleep and I miss my girlfriend. I guess I’m going to lay here wrapped in the blanket she made me and wait for my alarm to go off in the morning.

I almost got arrested last night! That would have sucked.

I was out with the guys and cruising back from dinner at the local Steak N Shake when we decided stop at QT. Before leaving we decided we were going to line up two wide by two deep and race. So I lined up next to a lowered S10, in front of a 350 S10 next to a stock S10. Three honks and we’re off…got my two car lead and lifted. Looked back and there were red and blues in the way off distance. So we darted into an industrial park and wound back into the back and pulled into the back of one of my buddies’ buddy’s shop and hung out for a couple of hours. Ended up making new friends and found a new place to hangout. Oh and I didn’t go to jail!